Barnsley Council Skip Permits

Need to obtain a skip hire permit? Barnsley council skip permits can be arranged on your behalf if needed. Call us now for details!

What Do Barnsley Council Skip Permits Involve?

If you're looking at skip hire in Barnsley, there are several things to consider. One of these is whether you need to get the usual skip hire permit Barnsley council requires if your project involves leaving your skip in a public place like a road or public footpath.

Registered skip hire companies such as Skip Hire Barnsley can obtain Barnsley council skip permits for our customers where necessary. Just bear in mind that the council requires a notice period of at least 5 days so you'll need to think ahead.

Whether you need a skip hire permit or not, Barnsley council have certain legal requirements that you need to  be aware of, as well as health and safety guidelines that you must follow when hiring a skip. Call us now on 01226 308023 to get all of the information you need and obtain a quote.

Barnsley Council Skip Permits 

What can I throw in a skip?

The items that you can dispose of in a skip include the following: wood, plastic, organic waste such as garden rubbish, metal, furniture, fixtures, non-electrical fittings, cardboard, bricks, rubble, uncontaminated soil and general domestic waste.

What can't I throw in a skip?

There are a number of things that must never be thrown away in a skip, some obvious and some slightly less obvious. Anything potentially dangerous must be disposed of separately, as well as many other items and substances that have to be managed in a different way for environmental reasons.

Common sense will usually tell you what you can and cannot put in your skip but here is a breakdown of the most common things that must never be thrown away in a skip: televisions, computer screens/monitors, electrical equipment, refrigerators, freezers, batteries, tyres, paint, paint cans, pressurised gas containers, asbestos, clinical or medical waste, fluorescent tubes, chemicals, solvents, liquids, oil, petrol, diesel, plasterboard and any hazardous or toxic materials of any kind.

If you're unsure about anything, just ask us - Skip Hire Barnsley are here to help!

Skip Hire Permit Barnsley Council

What safety precautions do I need to take?

When hiring a skip in the UK there are a number of safety measures that you are legally required to take, whether your project requires Barnsley council skip permits or not. These are in place to protect you and the public in general, and there are hefty fines for not following them.

Some of them are up to the skip hire firm to take care of, but there are also a few which are your responsibility so it's important that you take note of them:

Never overfill your skip: apart from simply being dangerous, it is illegal for skip hire companies to move overloaded skips. The contents should not be higher than the sides of your skip. If you think you have a lot of rubbish to get rid of, it's always better to hire a larger skip than to run the risk of running out of space and having to hire a second skip. If you're not sure, just call us on 01226 308023 - Skip Hire Barnsley can offer advice on the best size of skip for your project.

Have proper lighting: if your skip is to be left on a public highway overnight, as well as requiring a Barnsley council skip permit, you will also need to make sure that it is covered and that it has adequate lighting: according to Barnsley council, skips have to have warning lights from no more than 30 minutes after sunset up until 30 minutes before sunrise, or risk receiving a fine.

Don't cause obstructions: if you're leaving your skip on a public highway you must also ensure that the placement of your skip doesn't cause any obstruction or danger to pedestrians or road users. In no cases can skips be left on public pavements.

Skip Hire In Barnsley

Is there anything else I need to be aware of when applying for Barnsley council skip permits?

If you're applying for a skip hire permit yourself, Barnsley council will require you to provide a few basic details as part of the application process.

These include: the size of the skip you're looking to hire, where you plan to put it, any other works that are taking place in the immediate area which might disrupt traffic flow, how long you plan to keep the skip, any parking restrictions that are in place at the location you plan to put the skip and whether you have obtained any necessary parking suspensions.

They will also want to know what you are using the skip for. 

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Need A Barnsley Council Skip Permit?

If you're not sure if you need a skip hire permit, Barnsley council have some simple guidelines to follow. Call Skip Hire Barnsley today and we can advise you on everything you need to know.

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Have Any Questions About Barnsley Council Skip Permits?

Does your project require you to obtain Barnsley council skip permits?

If a public highway is being used for your skip hire, Barnsley council will require you to have a permit. Contact us today on 01226 308023 and we can arrange one for you.

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